How to break pas bios for some Toshiba Laptop lines


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Follow this procedure to delete a BIOS password using the Response Code method .

Be sure to keep the computer powered-on during this entire procedure. The Challenge Code issued by the BIOS is only valid until the computer is turned off and back on.

1. At the BIOS password prompt ("PASSWORD = "), press and release the following keys, one after another:

Ctrl, Tab, Ctrl, Enter

The computer's response should be:

Response Code=

2. Call Toshiba ASP Support. Explain to the support technician that you need a Response Code to remove a BIOS password. Recite both the PC Serial No. & Challenge Code to the support technician. The support technician will verbally issue a Response Code to you.

3. Enter the Response Code at the "Response Code=" prompt, and press Enter.

The computer's response should be: "Valid Password Entered. System is now starting up."

4. Once Windows has finished loading, restart Windows: Start > Shut Down > Restart.

5. Once the screen image is blank, press and hold the Esc key.

6. Release the Esc key once you see the prompt: "Check System, than press [F1] Key"

7. Press the F1 key.

The BIOS / CMOS Setup screen should appear. Follow these steps to de-register the password:

1. Press 'P' to jump to the Password field. "Registered" will be highlighted.

2. Press the spacebar to change "Password= Registered" to "Password= ".

3. Press the spacebar and press Enter. The BIOS should respond with "New Password = ".

4. Press Enter again. The BIOS should respond with "Verify Password= ".

5. Press Enter again. The BIOS should respond with "Password= Not Registered".

6. Press the End key. The BIOS should respond with "Are You Sure?".

7. Press Y.

The computer will restart, and load Windows, without requesting a password.